GASBHA Committees


The purpose of the advocacy committee is to develop and promote strategic, systemic solutions to improve access to quality healthcare, overall wellness, and academic success for Georgia’s children through the development of comprehensive school-based health centers in Georgia. The committee works with both the executive and legislative branches of government to: develop systems of care that incorporate students, families, schools and community; increase access to comprehensive primary care services for Georgia’s children; reduce health disparities; maximize academic achievement; decrease healthcare costs to the State’s health system; and advocate for the total well-being of Georgia’s children.


Committee Members:
Veda Johnson, MD
Carolyn Aidman, PhD
Ruth Ellis, MPH, JM
Dante McKay, JD, MPH


The purpose of the Programmatic/QI Committee is to develop and identify effective methods of providing guidance and technical support for the development and implementation of SBHCs in Georgia.  The Committee will develop guidelines for Centers to use in measuring and reporting Program outcomes to continually improve and evolve to reflect the needs of their patients.  Our goal is to ensure that Georgia’s SBHCs reflect our mission to provide quality, comprehensive care for students.

Chair: Yuri Okuizumi-Wu, MD

Committee Members:
Polly McKinney
Lisa Medellin, M.S.W.
Lynne Meadows, RN, MS
Ruth Ellis, MPH, JM