HR 640: Study Committee

The Georgia School-Based Health Alliance is proud to announce the information about the House Resolution (HR 640), GASBHA – House SBHC Final Report Dec 2015 which passed during the 2015 Legislative Session.  HR 640 is the House Study Committee for Health, Education, and School-Based Health Centers.  Several GASBHA board members (President, Treasurer/Secretary, and other members), advocacy partners (VOICES for Georgia’s Children), and the School-Based Health Alliance hosted several meetings with Georgia policy makers, state agency staff members, and key stakeholders to educate them about the operations of SBHCs (staffing and costs) in Georgia, discuss the processes and strategies to plan a SBHC, partnerships for SBHCs, clinical services provided in schools as well as health education and behavioral health services offered by the SBHCs to students and staff, the role of SBHCs in increasing seat time, decreasing student absenteeism, and improving student academic achievement, the role of SBHCs to decrease number of days missed by school employees because they are able to seen at the SBHC, and discussions about return on investment (ROI) due to the accessibility of the SBHC onsite.

Legislators were also able to attend site visits at Georgia SBHCs to view the centers and speak with the SBHC providers and staff about their SBHC operations and successes to date.